Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tagged! Five Things...

So another blogger - lovely friend Nancy - tagged me on her blog and challenged me to post five things about myself. I figured I'd do it my way:

I'm married, and have been in this blissful state for over twenty years.

I work for Corporate America, currently as a transportation analyst for Famous Footwear. All my jobs (except my paper route) have been for Corporate America. Weird...

Kilted Nataraj
Uh-boy...I'm one of THOSE guys. A guy who wears a kilt for no particular reason.

Sudden gust of wind!
Another flash of info
about me revealed.

Bugstopper 2
I'm an avid motorcyclist. I currently own three bikes: An
MZ Baghira that I'm slowly transforming into an "adventure tourer", a Honda 919 that is enough sport bike and enough roadster to be useful for a lot of riding, and a custom built bike, the Rogue, a 540 cc single that is just a blast when the roads get super twisty. My sweetie rides too!

a13 from Tobago Cays
I've been on two Windjammer cruises in the Caribbean on a 200' sailboat. If money were no object, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

That takes care of me. I'm supposed to tag five others now. Watch out!

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