Sunday, April 28, 2013

Behind the scene at last night's performance

Cycropia Aerial Dance had a gig last night in Milwaukee at an old warehouse space repurposed for gala events. I should say that a part of the space is renovated. Plenty of it still looks like a 150-year old warehouse. Our "changing area" this time was a basement hallway - a finished hallway - but a hallway nonetheless. Ambient temperature was mid-60's (F). Not great for standing around in a skin-tight lightweight costume just before you are going to want your muscles warm and supple. While we were all getting ready, I took a wander with my camera. A few steps from our changing area was ...


Nice, huh? In the same general vicinity was a different hallway, this one a bit less creepy.


As is typical, my eye soon went to the details. There was much dust and dirt in this part of the building, and I needed to keep myself looking show worthy, so I did not delve too deeply.



Lots of dust and dirt, rust and peeling paint. Working from the assumption that the entire building probably looked a lot like this when it was renovated, it is pretty amazing how far they have taken the parts that are being used, and the vast potential of the remaining space is interesting. I suspect that as their successes build, they will continue to build out and clean up more and more of the building. It should be really interesting to see what it looks like in another decade.

And here you thought my performance life was all glitter and fancy makeup!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Has (Finally) Sprung!

At long last, there are definite signs that spring has finally arrived in Madison. A friend and I went downtown to the Farmer's Market - it was opening day - and also took a spin down State Street. There was a bustling if not huge crowd out and about. When we got to the halfway point from wehre we parked at my photo studio (viewer discretion is advised), we headed down St. for a bit of shopping and coffee as well as sight-seeing for our Arkansas-based friend. At the top of State on the Capitol lawn was the surest sign of spring:


Yep, laying in the grass basking in the sun! Ahh!

As we headed down the street, we realized it was "Busking For Books weekend too. It is an event designed to raise awareness of, and money for, adult illiteracy. There were bands or musicians on every all four corners of every intersection. At one point we found our friend Daithi (who had just run the Boston Marathon - yikes!) doing what he loves - making music.


It was good to see him there.

And finally, it would not be spring in Wisconsin (at least since the Wisconsin Uprising two years ago) without protesters at the Capitol. In this case the protest was about a Federal issus - drones - rather than state, but nevertheless, it was strangely comforting.


We will get more snow and icky weather before winter completely lets go, but it was wonderful to have a beautiful day with no real agenda and a friend with whom to share it. It felt really good.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaser Day and Yard Work

Last weekend was a beauty of a spring weekend. Warm. Sunny. Of course that meant a bit of yard and garden work. Funny how that never really seems like a chore on the first such day. After I uncovered the patio furniture I even enjoyed a beer out in the yard. Ahhh!

Nala the cat was outside with us, finally getting a chance to really have full run of the yard. When I opened the shed to grab a shovel and greet the two motorcycles stored therein, Nala was immediately curious and had to check the place out. For some time she stood watch over the yard and the bikes.


The tiny pond I have in the back yard has a pump-powered waterfall, but since it freezes solid, I pull the pump for the winter. Consequently the pond becomes essentially a huge vat of maple leaf tea steeping for 4 months. It smells pretty fetid come spring. Getting it ready for spring is not really a pleasant task. I muck out a lot of the leaves with a rake, but since the water is still around 40 degrees (F), I do not drain it and thoroughly clean it. That comes later. For now I just scoop it, then install the pump and let it aerate. Gets a little whiffy for a while. Still, it is good to hear the splishing of the water.


The rest of this week has been rain, rain, rain, and dropping temperatures. Still, there is no escaping the inevitable bloom of spring. Finally!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Potpourri Because I Have Not Been Shooting Much

I have been out of pocket for a few months. Starting a (stressful) new job in January was a big part of it. I also co-directed, choreographed for, and danced in an aerial dance performance that ended last weekend. Add in a few photo shoots and you have a life pretty devoid of housework, tax preparation, or general leisure time. My camera has been more idle than any time in the past decade. Today's post is a bit of potpourri, no theme, just pics I enjoyed that never got shared. Enjoy!

First up is a funny/fun one of me at a wedding gig at which we performed. They had an '80's hair band playing, so we worked our costuming to play with that. I am certain this is the first time my hair has been back-combed!


Next is a fun shot of a local performer who was playing at a wedding I shot. He knew when the camera was around!


This third one was a fun vantage point of a handful of dancers. They did not know I was above, and I loved the swirling swing-influenced dance this couple was doing. They danced well, and well together. Fun!


And one last shot, this one of my lovely wife. She had been my helper at an event shoot that night and towards the end of a long day took some time out to enjoy the music. Ahh, love!


Hopefully now that my schedule has lightened up, I will have more time with my camera. And to the fans who are asking, yes, I will post new pics to my DeviantArt page too. If you are curious about that - it is generally work to racy to post at this blog - there is a link on the left sidebar of the eyeDance blog page.

Happy spring!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post-Show Panic

In the week following a show, it always seems like a week of almost-panic each evening. I have these phantom rehearsal urges where I find myself sitting still, perhaps on the couch, and all of a sudden I have a dreadful feeling that I should be at rehearsal. It is a bit unnerving for a few days. Fortunately (?) this week after the show, I still have a ton of work to do to get the budget numbers crunched and ready to present to the rest of the Collective next Monday. So, while I will miss rehearsing, I still have my head in the game. Here are a few more pics of having body in the game. Not me, of course, since I took these pics, but still enjoyable to share.


That one is a really nice shot of Ken and Luv on the "tipppy lyra". And here is another.


Here is another rather dramatic image from the first piece in the show, with a more conventionally hung lyra.


There are more to come, so check again!

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