Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is my sweetie, dressed up to go to work in her bee-themed Halloween costume. She surely loves to play dress-up!

Reena Beena

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out On Highway Sixty-One

A pair of friends got married yesterday up in Hastings, MN. It is a 4.5 hour drive if one simply blasts up the Interstate, which I did on the way up there. The wedding was short and sweet (good thing as it was outdoors with temps around 48 (F) and the bridesmaids were wearing backless lightweight gowns. They breed 'em tough in Minnesota!) and I got to hang out with a bunch of friends, and make some new friends. The reception ran late so I was glad to be in a hotel for the night.

As I left town this morning I spent a few minutes to get a shot of the 30' waterfall that was about a block from my hotel. You can't see it in the photo, but it is apparent that there had been a water wheel there to provide power for the factory built on the banks of the Vermillion River. I chose to drive down MN Hwy 61 through Red Wing, Lake City, Waubesha, and Winona, crossing back into Wisconsin at LaCrosse and blasting the rest of the (boring) way home on the Interstate. South of Lake City, at the southern edge of Lake Pepin, I stopped for another few shots of the boggy area near the road. It really caught my eye.

Here are the best of the bunch.

Hwy 61 Backwater 1
Hwy 61 Backwater View LARGE

Vermillion Falls 1
Vermillion FallsView LARGE

Oh, and congratulations to Dawn and Jake!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumnal Fire

It was rainy and chilly today - mid forties (F) - so I of course decided it was a perfect day to go for a walk in the woods. As it turns out, other than being rainy and chilly it was pretty lovely.

Autumnal Fire

Here is a link to a SLIDE SHOW where you can view the rest of the photos in large size.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Happy to be first
Happy To Be First

Admittedly, most tagging is nothing more than vandalism and generally just makes me angry. It is nothing more eloquent than visually peeing on someone else's property like a dog on a fire hydrant. That said, I smiled when I noticed that some tagger had turned the first of this sculptural series of balls into the iconic "Smiley Face" popularized in the early 1970's. What can I say? I am a happy guy.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A drizzly fall walk

It was a damp, chilly day in Madison, and I was industriously posting flyers promoting my studio ("Get'cher Halloween portrait taken by meee!") around the lower end of State Street. Since I had the camera handy I was shooting. That led to a walk, and more shooting. Turns out it was a pretty nice day for photography.


There were enough interesting shots to make a set at Flickr. You can view them here as a SLIDE SHOW. It is worth seeing them large.


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"Pointless" Motorcycle Ride

I always know when I am on a "good" motorcycle ride. I know it because I know kind of where I am, but not exactly. I am following my nose, taking only roads that look interesting; the journey is the reason not the destination. My 80-mile loop on Tuesday was such a ride.

Temperatures were in the low-40's so I never planned to range too far from home, but I wanted to give myself every opportunity to ride for as long as I wanted. So I looked for unfamiliar roads in otherwise pretty familiar territory. The sort of roads that climb and wind over and through the local hills and dales giving me a view of the larger community in which I live. I never got more than 25 miles from Madison.

Get me roads

One thing I have learned through the years is that almost every pointless ride is enhanced by a stop in some small town cafe for a cuppa coffee and a piece of homemade pie (or maybe a good chocolate chip cookie). On this ride I found myself in Stoughton, so I cruised Main Street looking for the right place. Turns out there really is only one such place left, at least on Main St. In true small town flavor, the restaurant was called "Koffee Kup". The coffee was good and plentiful (my own pot delivered to the table) and the pie - strawberry-rhubarb - was excellent, and enhanced with a decent scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

Darn good cuppa coffee, darn good piece'a pie.

A great ride. Would it have been so fine if it had been shared at the time?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Of Men (Not Safe For Work)

I have been doing some more experimenting in the studio. I have no problem with creating images of women that men, and most women, find attractive and flattering. Being a man whose preferred gender is women, I have less of a clue about crafting images of men that women, and most men, would find attractive. To that end, I shot a series of photos to test the waters.

I printed half a dozen of them and showed them to a few friends who I knew would have opinions and be comfortable voicing them. From the women the answers were all over the board; absolutely no consensus. The men were slightly easier to please. I suspect this has to do with men - in general - being more visually oriented.

Below I have three pairs of photos. The first is full, as shot, while the second is a crop based on some feedback and my own judgement.

The tradition of boudoir photography of women either for their partner or themselves is rich. There is significantly less of men, for either themselves or their partners.

I ask you, dear readers, to comment. You can do so anonymously if you choose by clicking on the "Comment" link and choosing the "Anonymous" option. If you are a person who prefers men, consider that the image is of your sweetie and is a gift to you. If you are a man, regardless of gender preference, also consider the image is of yourself. In those contexts, I would like to know if you prefer the full image, or the crop, and why. If you only want to comment on a single pair, that is fine with me.

Please note these may be Not Safe For Work. Follow the link to the "Read the rest of the post" to see the images.










Thank you for any feedback you care to leave as a comment!

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Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been a while since I posted. I wrapped up one shoot and am laying the groundwork for another. That has left only a little time for shooting for pleasure. Today I decided to simply offer up a potpourri of photos. They are unrelated except in that they entertained me, and I hope, you. Enjoy!

The Cap'n Abides
The Captain Abides

As the temperature outside nose-dived last week, and inside as well, the cat rediscovered "hanging out". Suddenly again, he remembers that it is warm to sit with us on the couch or curl up between our heads in bed. Stalking sunbeams has also become a favorite pastime. In short, he is behaving like a friendly cat.

End of Season Rose
End-of-Season Rose

Much of our yard and garden has fallen prey to the frosty overnight temperatures. This rose is tough though. It is right up against the foundation of the house and so stays warmer than if it were on its own. Despite a few overnight lows in the twenties, this bloom is still going. We have seen this bush pop out one final bloom as late as Thanksgiving.

Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer!

I shot a birthday party over the weekend, and someone brought this exquisite blast from the past to the 1-year old birthday girl. I have to say, I am a little bit jealous. As a longtime motorcycle rider I would not mind being seen on a machine like this. Those flowing lines! That perfect chrome grill! The racy seat and tail bump to keep the rider in place during hard acceleration. It's perfect...

Light yields to darknes.
Summer has been harvested,
and winter won't wait.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Shining Seconds

It has been particularly cold and dreary around here for too many days in a row. The lack of sun has been getting on people's nerves. Yesterday while I was waiting for the bus, I noticed the sun would peek out for a few seconds at a time as the clouds raced across the sky. I dug out my camera, hunkered down, and waited. And waited. About the time I was going to stash my camera - the bus was in sight - the sun burst through a gap in the clouds. I popped this shot (and two others exactly like it in case I blew it!) and the moment was gone.

To Oz!

It drizzled and rained off and on the rest of the day.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

SCMG Rally

On the first Sunday of October (and the first Sunday of May) a local motorcycle group, the Slimy Crud Motorcycle Gang (motto: "Ride Hard, Ride Short") hosts a rally event in a small town near Madison, Wisconsin. The event has grown considerably since the first I attended, from 3-400 bikes to well over a thousand. Yesterday's event was no different, despite the dreary and chilly weather. This is a highly disorganized event - on purpose - and there is no organization, structure, route, show, or any such thing to be found. It is, quite simply, an opportunity for motorcycle riders (and a few poseurs) to show up, look at some seriously cool bikes as well as some head-scratchers, then go for a self-guided ride to the secondary location at an even smaller town not far away. Some ride to that location, some do not, and everyone generally has a good time.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Slimy Crud Rally - October 09
Cafe 7

Slimy Crud Rally - October 09
Big Boy on a Small Bobber

Slimy Crud Rally - October 09
Ducati Detail

Slimy Crud Rally - October 09
Vented Drums

Slimy Crud Rally - October 09
Wicked Spyder

There are a few more at my Flickr site.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Space Race

"At about 100 meters from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Challenger, Bruce McCandless II was falling behind in the untethered space race..." You can't see the cone we were racing around, but I whupped him.

Space Race
Space Race

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