Monday, June 11, 2012

Life is crazy busy right now. I find myself yet again - against my better judgement and intentions - of rehearsing for four aerial dance pieces at once for an August show. That means a LOT of time for physical activity that I greatly enjoy, but less time for indulging my camera for fun. And blogging. So this will be a bit of a potpourri, a catching up post of recent diversions.


I have been catching a bit more music lately. Having a job means discretionary funds, which means I go out and spend money on goods and services, and therefore local business and performers benefit - no wealthy "job creator" needed to jump start the process (something our political Right does not seem to understand). So my wallet is open, and when I have free time, I am more inclined to do some fun things that were sort of on hiatus for a couple of years. And with fun free-time, comes just-for-fun photos!


It is pretty much summer here now, and that means the start of outdoor music festivals. Madison has a great lineup of four "neighborhood" festivals that have gotten really large and bring in big crowds and cool music (sometimes to the dismay of the neighborhood being inundated). The first of those was this past weekend: The Marquette Water front Festival. I did not catch a lot of it - busy, remember? - but I did make time for a few hours on Sunday. I caught Paul Cebar (above photo) and Rubblebucket (below photo).


As it sounds, the Waterfront Festival is on the shores of one of Madison's four lakes - Monona - and is free to the community, funded by some grants and a lot of beer sales. It is two days of pretty good fun. This year the weather was hot, with a cool breeze off the lake, making it a fantastic start to the summer.


I hope I have time to enjoy the rest of it!

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