Saturday, February 2, 2008

Slow. The. Fuck. Down.

I had to drive to Portage this morning for a funeral, and it started snowing just before I left. The roads were marginally OK on the way there, but it continued snowing steadily. Leaving Portage, just as I was getting back to the Interstate, I came across the first accident:
It snowed again today...
The driver was OK, and a tow truck was already on the way. She took out about twenty feet of Armco barrier. How fast was she going?

This person wasn't so lucky:
It snowed again today...

Emergency personnel were already on hand so I didn't need to stop.
It snowed again today...

In twenty-five miles, I say SEVEN accidents, two of which were roll-overs. One car was a good FIFTY FEET into a field, and another had destroyed twenty feet of Armco before spinning across two lanes of Interstate and coming to rest in the median. And yet I was routinely passed by cars and SUVs going seventy miles an hour and leaving no more than fifteen or twenty feet between vehicles. Stupid, stupid, stupid!


  1. Golly gee willkers! I hope you weren't driving when you took some of these photos! Gee, folks drive like that here in Hampton Roads, VA WITHOUT bad weather! of course, they wouldn't know how to drive in bad weather either! :/

  2. Guilty.

    I had the camera around my neck, on "Auto", and the lens set to wide angle. Since I was only doing around 30 mph as I passed this crash, I just aimed in the general direction and let the camera take half a dozen pics while I kept my eyes on the road.

    For the first one here I had already stopped to render aid, and took the shot as I was getting back into the car.


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