Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Know Hope

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Despite below zero temperatures and icy streets, Wisconsin Democrats came out in force and voted in the primary yesterday. In Madison, which typically has a 66/33 percent split between Dems and Republicans, over EIGHTY percent of those voting voted Dem (according to John Nichols on The Mic this morning). The final result for the state was a 17% margin in favor of Barack Obama. Some of Hillary Clinton's best results came from heavily republican counties like Waukesha, suggesting that conservatives cast a vote her way to spoil Obama's chances. She won only 9 of 72 counties. It's got to be tough to be Hillary Clinton this morning. She needs cash to campaign heavily in Ohio and Texas, and asking for it from potential donors in the face of ten straight defeats will be mighty tough.

I'm pretty happy with the results. Much as I want the U.S. to have a woman president, I don't want it to be Hillary. She's too much the politician: Too willing to be secretive; too certain she knows what's best. It would be more of the divisive politics of George W. Bush. I prefer the politics of hope this time around. I want a different approach. I've read a bunch of the detailed material from Obama's Web site on the economy, Iraq, energy, and homeland security. While I don't agree with every word, I'm at least comfortable that there exists a plan, with details. It's going to cost money, to be sure. But in reality, he simply cannot spend more than the current president (who is going to "dine and dash" on the American taxpayers).

And for my fellow artists out there, you need to read this.

UPDATE: Boy, was I right. It does suck to be Hillary Clinton trying to raise cash. She's $7.5 mil in debt and he's got money rolling in to him in armored car parades! To paraphrase the big-eared guy, that giant sucking sound you hear is Hillary's coffers running empty.

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  1. least that giant sucking sound isn't the keg going dry.

    Viva la Munichers!!!


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