Thursday, June 27, 2013

How About A Little Fire?

Forgive me friends. It has been six weeks since my last post. Life has been busy, sometimes deliciously so, and sometimes frighteningly so. Regardless, a lot has been going on but not a lot of it with camera in hand. Sometimes though, the odd moment of photographic fun pops up.

There is nothing like shooting fire spinners! The energy is always awesome, the flames seductive and the sound...if you have never heard the sound of fire being spun, you owe it to yourself to experience it up close and personal. The spinners are a unique breed with an honest to goodness relationship with fire. For some it talks to them and feeds their soul. There were images of this first spinner that made her look stronger, but this one struck a nice balance to my eye.


This woman is clearly a performer and her demeanor brightened the moment she saw my camera. She is a musician/singer/performer named Wild Flower. Check out her interesting work HERE.


This last photo is one that captivates me. Everything about it feels right and I totally captured the moment. And what makes this even more awesome? This woman's last name is Sparks! Oh yeah.


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