Thursday, February 28, 2008

Defying winter

After yesterday's post and accompanying depression (not really, but as close as I come), I arose to a sunny morning. I had had a conversation yesterday with Reena, lamenting that we often had crocus in bloom by the first week of March, and here it was the end of February and we still had three-damn-feet of snow on the ground. So as I was leaving for work this morning, I poked my nose around to the south side - the warm and sunny side of the house - and discovered this:

Iris defying Winter!
Iris - Defying winter

I leaped and whooped, and snapped a pic. I looked a little further and found half a dozen daylilies peeking up throught the ground too. I will try to get a closer photo of them tomorrow (I'd have had to wade through a lot of snow to get a close image). So, OK, I'm a little lighter of spirit today. There is, finally, a promise of spring in evidence. The Goddess is alive, and spring is stirring!

UPDATE - 3/3
Yesterday the temps hit 48 (F) and a bunch of snow disappeared. As the snow on the south side of my house melted away from the foundation of the house, more and more shoots were uncovered. A few hours earlier, these had been under nearly a foot of snow!
As the snow recedes
More iris peeking through.

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