Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another exquisite Saturday night

Last night was another one of those sweet, sweet nights of self-made entertainment. I'm pretty sure that I know the coolest people in town, and they let me come play with them on a routine basis. This particular group of the coolest people, contain some talented musicians, and some lovely dancers - and there is some overlap in those descriptions.

Ayperi, with fan

We gathered at the home of a man who is in the process of repairing the energy in his home. For him, these evenings of music, dance, and merriment are cathartic, a significant part of the healing process he wants his home to experience as a way to shed the miasma of unpleasantness. He creates an environment of unbridled creativity. When a moment coalesces into the sublime, he points it out, savoring it, stretching it out to make it last. When an ending to a song or dance is clumsy, he suggest we try it again, just the last 30 seconds or so, to tighten it all up and nail it in a satisfactory way. As a result, everyone gets a bit of a bump in joy for having done better, and having fun doing it.

Seana and Ayperi

Everything is casual, dancers coming and going as they will, and instrumentation varying according to what the song seems to call for. Sometimes we might produce a rousing wall of percussion, while other times the oud and guitar dominate the room while the percussionists switch to lighter touches and supporting instruments.


In all we played for about 4 hours, with a little time taken in the middle to talk about performance opportunities at various renaissance faires and Madison's own UW Belly Dance club's spring show. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night!

Guitar and Oud

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