Friday, August 8, 2008


I have a pretty boring commute to work. It is all straight highway, and other than some good Big Wheel racing photos (1, 2) I do not get much in the way of interesting photos. Yet there is this one lone tree standing in a field about two blocks from the distribution center where I work. There seems to be something compelling about it and I drive past it every so often to see what it is up to. It is off my route a little bit, so it is always a conscious choice to drive past it.

Recently it was hiding, my view of it obscured by six to seven foot tall corn. I liked that it was not the dominant feature, but rather the food crop was.

The Sun Prairie Tree - Full Summer

During the spring that was not the case. It was all by itself, standing solid in the middle of the field. The crops are transient, but it remains. We were at the start of a cool, delightful spring. There was a LOT of snow melt - we shattered the record for snowfall this winter - and the overheard concern of the farmers was that maybe the fields would be too wet to plant. That's seldom a real concern, but in this case there was a lot of water to go away. The mud and some standing water is clearly evident in this photo.

Too wet to plant
The Sun Prairie Tree - Mid Spring

In January we were having a series of evenings with spectacular sunsets, and I went searching for a location to capture one. It was cold, cold, cold, with a howling wind when I took this shot. I was out of my warm car no more than 30 seconds but it was long enough to make my exposed ears ache. Nevertheless, I like the peachy color of the sky quite a lot in this photo, and I consider it worth the small discomfort required to get it. This was my first encounter with the Sun Prairie Tree, and I had no idea it would keep drawing me back.

Winter sunset 1/22
The Sun Prairie Tree - Midwinter

Who knows what the autumn will bring? I have a feeling I will be checking in again to see how it is doing.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My new favorite tree & field! Another season documented in your fabulous photos! On my next visit, if there is time, I want to see this tree! And once I move there I will visit it too!


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