Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Malt House

I finally got a chance to check out the new bar in the neighborhood. The Malt House opened about eight weeks ago at the intersection of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street, and I have been meaning to get in there. Formerly the Union Tap, along with a hotel, there has been beer served at this location for 150 years. The hotel and original bar buildings were razed sometime around 1950 to make way for a crappy gas station. The bar itself - the wood structure from which beer is served - was preserved and remains in the new pub. While the interior is still in a state of flux decor-wise, I understand some photos of the historic site, and Camp Randall (the army camp, not the stadium) are being installed this week. that will help give it a sense of identity. For now, it is all about the beer.

Malt House Tappers
Malt House Tappers

And what a selection of beer they have! There are 18 taps, grouped in three themes: Belgian Ales, Wisconsin/Regional craft beers (Ale Asylum, Bells, Capital right now), and a selection of beers from around the world. Additionally there are approximately 150 selections in bottles. A beer drinkers paradise, with pints of local running $3.50, and $3.00 during happy hour. I also noted at least thirty varieties of whiskey: Rye, Bourbon, and Scotch.

On a plus note for me: There are NO televisions in the bar! Yea!! I hope they keep it that way. It is a pub. The focus ought to be on conversation. As owner Bill said in a post on the Isthmus Forum, "BTW, I saw another thread by someone lameting the lack of intellectual discussion in taverns lately. I hope all you smarty-pants out there will come to my fancy-pants beer bar and help us solve all the world's problems on the back of my cocktail napkins. "

I would not mind seeing an actual bristle dart board going up, so folks could play real darts as opposed to "hey I threw this 2-gram plastic dart-like thingy at that plastic board and it stuck so I got some points!" dart machines. (Yeah, I know those machines really score Cricket, but if I'm throwing for twenties and I accidentally hit a triple eighteen, I would not score it and the machine will. Why reward slop?)

The Malt House could be a perfect neighborhood watering hole, as well as a draw for beer enthusiasts from around the area. Good on ya, Bill! Anyone care to meet me there for a pint and conversation? Imagine being able to have a drink and talk without shouting...

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