Monday, August 25, 2008

Post-Show Party

After months of rehearsals, planning, organizing, grant-writing, costume creation and fitting, the Orton Park Festival performance is done. Friday's show was good, with some problems, but Saturday's was about as good as it gets. The music, lights, and timing were all fine, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the crowd was large and engaged. The performers had fun, and the audience knew it. A hearty congratulations to all involved, especially the audience.

With the hard work behind us, it was time for a little R&R. A post-show party on Sunday was just the ticket. Another beautiful day allowed relaxation and fond recollections of the weekend. A bounty of scrumptious food was laid out, a quarter barrel of beer was iced, and coolers filled with sodas and waters made the day deliciously decadent.

Raspberry Mousse Cake

Being the sort of multi-talented people that this extended group is, hanging around basking in the sun is an option, but once someone pulls out an instrument, there is music to be made! The garage provided a nicely shaded location, and the sound of the accoustic instruments washed out into the driveway and back yard where the relaxers were.

Pickin' and grinnin' on guitar were Jonathan Zarov and John Click,

Jonathan Z. on Guitar
Jonathan Z.

Johnny C. on Guitar
Johnny C.

Violin duty was covered by Daithi Wolf of Yid Viscious.

Daithi W. on Violin

Various other players and singers wandered in and out, including Raka on vocals, Jenn on broom, Rand on shaker and improvized percussion (it was a garage...there were many things to bang on!), Reena of Pagee Go Go spicing it up on the Brazilian tonton, and yours truly on tonton, shakers, claps, and improvized percussion. More of that self-made entertainment that to my soul is like cool water to a parched tongue.

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