Monday, August 11, 2008

Studio Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Self Portrait #1

I have decided to try my hand at portrait photography. One of my basement rooms has undergone a subtle transformation. Originally set up as a small practice studio for dance, with mirrors on the wall, it is now being modified to be a simple portrait studio as well. My camera does not control slave flashes without me spending a bunch of moolah on a master flash, so lights will be fixed, and rudimentary for now. I have one reversible backdrop: Black or Gold Metalic Dot (why? Because I could! What will I use gold metallic dot as a backdrop for? I dunno, yet. But it will be FUN when I do use it!)

This endeavor is not to earn a living mind you, but an opportunity to help friends with posed and costumed promo shots, as well as allowing me to explore a bit more in the way of artistic images. So, if you are interested in being my guinea pig and sitting still for a while as I learn to apply effective lighting, let me know. I am especially interested in dancers or other costumed performers, but also people willing to have photographic "studies" done of tattoos or piercings using soft or otherwise dramatic lighting. In exchange, you will receive an 8x10 or two of images you might like. I will be asking people to sign a general model release, but have NO intention to use these images to sell unrelated product. That means the image may be sold as a print, but it will not be used to sell a car (for example). I hope this is a win-win. I get to experiment and learn some new things and try to work around my colorblindness, and hopefully, the models get a couple of good images of themselves.

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  1. And look at what a HANDSOME guy you are, too! Miss you two up there in Madison...


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