Thursday, August 28, 2008

Balance: Hard Work Needs Frivolous Play

After a long stretch of hard work and hard play, I am taking the weekend off and heading to a party with a large group of friends. For this weekend, it is all about the beer. Or more to the point, the bier. At this party no bier will be served unless it passes the reinheitsgebot, or the former German bier purity act. (Aside: Of course the German's had a purity act for their bier!). The headcount at the party is about 100. One cannot come to the party if not invited, and you cannot invite someone if you have not attended at least four times, and even then it is discouraged. So what the party ends up with is 100 or so hand picked attendees. Since there is a lot of bier on hand, we end up with people who, when they drink, do not get mad, get maudlin, get unconscious, or get in your partner's pants. We get happy drunks who want to talk, dance, and make food for all their friends.

Calling Bacchus!

I'm really looking forward to the Rest and Relaxation. Work has piled on the stress, and while I am pretty good at coping with it, this last stretch of time has been a bit much. And while it is true that the conditions causing the stress will still be there when I return to work on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday weekend, I will have had time to slow down, hang out with friends of beautiful spirit, indulge safely in plentiful bier, and dance to the fantastic music of Collective Unconscious until I have had my fill.

Disco in the Pavilion
Ready for the dancers

I just took a look at the extended weather forecast for the area, and it looks about as perfect as I could ask for. Sunny days in the mid-80's and cool nights in the mid-50's are ahead. How rare to have perfect weather for a holiday weekend!

My only hope is that among all those revelers, I can find someone willing to spend some time working out the major knot in my left shoulder. I am pretty sure that hope will be fulfilled, so my task will be to make myself available to receive the help. Of course, I first have to get through the next day and a half at work! Receiving help, even asking for it, can be more difficult than helping someone else. There is that feeling of being a burdon, an intrusion. In this case, I need to ask for the help.

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