Friday, August 8, 2008

Pleased To Meet You. Hope You Guess My Name!

Any shred of respect I had remaining for John McCain went right out the window today. John McCain's campaign makes broad hints that Obama is the anti-Christ in an ad called "The One" that was recently released online. At first glance the ad - by McCain - makes no sense. But the ad is steeped in references and symbology from the Christian Conservative "Left Behind" novels.

According to an article from, the ad "taps into a conversation that has been gaining urgency on Christian radio, political blogs, and in widely-circulated email messages that accuse Obama of being the Antichrist." This might be funny if there were not a bunch of loonies out there ready to let this crap worm into their psyche. A quick Google search using 'obama antichrist' serves up 764,000 hits. Searching on 'obama nicolae carpathia' (Nicolae Carpathia is the anti-Christ character in the Left Behind books) yielded 3,100 hits.

Ponder that, folks.

McCain is pandering, directly, to a group for whom those books are wildly popular. The symbology in that ad is no mistake. It won't fool me though. I know that Dick Cheney is the anti-Christ.

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  1. creepy ass shit - i had to forward this on to friends. thanks for sharing.

  2. While it's a well-known fact that Dick Cheney is the Anti-Christ, less well known is the fact that he also moonlights as the Great Pumpkin.

    PS: I like your blog.


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