Monday, March 28, 2011

What Words, Exactly, Big Brother?

[UPDATE: The protester in these photos added his own words in the Comments. The charges against him were dropped, after he spent a night in the jail.

And, to the other commenter who called me/us idiots and said, "the are Law enforcers..they are not to just "ignore" when someone is being disorderly!", I have one question: Are you concerned that Walker and the Fitzgeralds have twice now disregarded a court order? I am guessing you are not. So if selective enforcement is good for one side, then I say it must be OK for the other and I will continue to protestt.]

Today I was nudged off the couch by a friend teasing me that I was "missing" action at the Capitol today. The Department of Administration (clearly the Ministry of Truth in the Inner Party) has issued an 'administrative code' declaring a "designated protest area" on the ground floor. Yesterday, a mom, dad, and two kids were issued a ticket for exercising their free speech in a non-designated area. Today in response, several others showed up to intentionally be on the first floor rotunda area overlooking the ground floor, clearly daring the Capitol PD to issue a ticket. In this case the PD was not biting, and the peaceful protesters were not harassed. However, in the wing that leads to the Governor's Office (Big Brother) was a lone protester reading from the Wisconsin Constitution and, I believe, the Bible a Wisconsin Blue Book, as well as some other prepared notes. Soon, a group of about 15 protesters had joined him to make our presence felt.

Protester reading some notes to the Governor. in front of the Gov's office

Then things got nasty. Clearly the call had come through the law enforcement officer's (LEO's) radios to get rid of us/him. A sudden increase in LEOs alerted everyone that Things Were Now Different. The officers quietly instructed the protester - the original one - to leave the area. He firmly responded that he had a right to address his Governor, and the fact that the Governor was refusing to speak with the people had nothing to do with his right to petition. The in-charge LEO repeated his instruction to leave the area. The protester sat down. Six LEO's were surrounding this one lone, peaceful protester. The LEO told the protester he was going to be arrested for - and I quote - "swearing and shouting". No one of the other protesters had heard any profanity, and while he had used a loud voice to call down the hallway, it was a fair piece removed from "shouting".

Protester sits, refusing to move

The protester was put face down, knelt on, restrained, and ultimately handcuffed. Complaining of not being able to breath due to asthma (and his face being held into the floor) the protester refused to walk.

LEO kneeling on protester while he is handcuffed

Three LEO's proceeded to pick up the protester and carry him. The protester remained uncooperative but did not struggle or resist.




Ultimately they dragged him to an elevator and took him - presumably - downstairs to the Capitol PD office on basement sub-1. I say presumably, because a small group of us went down there and no one in evidence would admit that anyone had been arrested or brought there.

Our group wanted to acquire the Official List of swear words that were not permitted, so as to not inadvertently use them. We were given an official runaround, but finally the LEO to whom we were speaking said the "swear words" would have been up to the officer's discretion. I pressed on that topic, inquiring if an officer or the Department of Administration Ministry of Truth decided that the word "corrupt" was not permitted, would we be subject to the same arbitrary arrest? At that time the LEO returned to monitoring his monitors and became Unhelpful.

So, "Swearing" is not permitted, though no other protester heard profanity, and the determination of said swearing is at the Thought Police officer's discretion. Having decided that a citizen used an inappropriate word, said citizen will be removed to some undisclosed location and processed. For today that means he will get a fine. Yesterday it did not really mean that. What will it mean tomorrow? Put on your best Doublethink hat and accept that your Transferred Nationalism now means that teachers, librarians, and bus drivers are enemies of the Party.

I urge protesters to be at the Capitol any time they can be. Do not let this proceed. Choose your own peaceful method to protest. "Public life is a situation of power and energy; he trespasses against his duty who sleeps upon his watch, as well as he that goes over to the enemy." ~ Edmund Burke

These and more photos are included in this SLIDE SHOW.


  1. Actually, the courts in multiple states, and I believe the SC have ruled several times that simply yelling and swearing were not against the law as long as you are co-operating with the officer. But this sounds more like a show. It's possible they did not even charge him since you did not see him downstairs. Anyway, keep up the fight.

  2. We are seeing GW Bush policies in sevaeral states now. Do so much BS the courts can't keep up.

  3. That Edmnund Burke knew a thing or two, now didn't he?

  4. eventually the truth will need to be confronted. the gov. and his men/woman are guilty of terrorism and treason - they have betrayed their oaths off office for money. and you can dance around it but eventually the facts are he (walker and his clowns) are intentionally destroying wisconsin and its people - god bless people i have a horse in this race and wish us well.

  5. I'm sorry but the officers doing this are just as much carrying out treason as the office issuing the orders. I really don't want to see this turn violent, strongly urge against it, but I'm afraid that the clandestine are making it go to that. Well their faces will be seen, today or hanging from a noose.

  6. Thank you for documenting and posting!

  7. Ok... Now I'm seeing the article that prompted another friend's post tonight. If this truly happened today I can only say that it is just as disturbing as the footage I saw related to the woman in Libya who was raped this past weekend!!! Does anyone know this peaceful protestor and the outcome? Unbelievable!!!


    ~The "Wisconsin Eye and Voice"

  8. it has been proven in court you can even tell an officer to his face"F_ _ k You" and he cannot do anything about it as it is freedom of speech,officer still try tou use this vulgar launguage harrasment way to often but is Not legal to do it is one of the things "They" are taught at police accadamy nowadays but these "officers" (state patrol)Were probably hand picked for politacal background bet the majoraity of state patrol thier are republican

  9. In the late 1800's Germany was thee place to be! Free love, freedom in every sense... an artist's paradise, every alternative was represented... then the pendulum swung & we know the rest of the story. We have to gather together a common vision... "they" have been working on this global domination strategy for more than half a century... the plan is being implemented globally. What we need now is a manhattan project of our own... come up with a cohesive vision for THE PEOPLE of the world to implement to take back our world & lives... NOT JUST TO GET OUR PATHETIC JOBS BACK!!! BUT TO BUILD A BEAUTIFUL WORLD... TO HOLD SPACE IN OUR MINDS... OUR HEARTS... OUR SOULS... something worthy of really living (& dying) for.

  10. This situation hurts Wisconsin deeply. I was there yesterday and saw this man talking loudly down the hallway to the governor's office before the group joined him. As I walked by, he was showing the officers his 'weapons' which were words on a clipboard. As I was leaving, I did hear the man repeatedly use the 'F' word in ways such as, "This is 'effing' ridiculous." I know it's just a word, but it can become difficult to respect someone using it. The officers should have just ignored him.

  11. To the last 'Anonymous' post: I did not hear any F-bombs, but as he was being confronted by the LEO's, I was 30' away taking photos of the situation (see the 2nd photo above). He was not swearing while I was up front with him (as in the first photo), and he seemed pretty low-key. Provocative, sure, but not rancorous. If he sarted swearing once confronted by the LEO's and told he couldn't be where he was, that is still acceptable under the law, and he then certainly was not shouting said profanities. Numerous legal cases have determined that a citizen saying F-U to a cop's face is something the cop just has to suck up.

    I believe your last sentence sums it up. But this Gov. does not want protest (and really, who would while they are working?) BUT, the Gov. created the need for protesters. Extreme actions beget extreme reactions. And based on the coordinated arrival of additional LEOs, someone put out a radio call to get rid of that protester.

  12. " . . . We were given an official runaround, but finally the LEO to whom we were speaking said the "swear words" would have been up to the officer's discretion."

    This is the part people need to be concerned about. It doesn't matter if the words someone uses would pass the FCC or not; this "policy" is proven as a thinly disguised tool to control people just by that wide open vagueness.

  13. I found the list of words, it starts like this:

    We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare, do establish this constitution.

  14. You are all idiots...this man was arrested for disorderly conduct...would you want someone using that type of language around your children? I sure wouldn't ! he was warned several times before by several Officers on numerous occasions....They are doing their jobs..they are not security guards..the are Law enforcers..they are not to just "ignore" when someone is being disorderly!

  15. @Anonymous March 29, 8:02 How dare you use such language on this blog!!! You should be arrested for disorderly conduct!!!

  16. I'm the guy who is on camera. I have been telling officers now for the whole process what my intentions are when I enter the capitol. I bring the WI blue book containing the WI-constitution on section 4. As well yesterday the original officer asking me to leave or quiet down asserted I was causing a disturbance. I asked for a legal definition of such? Then I was told that personal space(I actually brought this up 1st as I stay out of offices unless I am requesting something like a blue book)defines some areas where we cannot protest. The big hulking (maybe he is on steriods?) officer said what of bathrooms? Specifically he asked of the womens bathroom. I conceded that I wouldn't do this in any bathroom.*
    *Next after we discussed the WI constitution I preceeded to sing in parody "When a man loves a woman" w/some verses added to describe my protest on Sen Randy Hopper leaving his 2 children & wife as well getting his 25 year old girlfriend a 20.35/hour state job that she didn't even originally apply for in the listing.*
    *Then after 4 officers bumped brain cells they declared to me I was being issued a illegal cititation for swearing. 2 hours prior I had indeed sworn. A different officer asked me not as childrenwere touring the capitol. I actually respected that officers request & how he asserted himself. Upon this I told the offices they were breaking the law. The hulking officer then told me had 2 weeks prior issued a warning. I called him a liar again telling I would refuse any citation. I sat down when they came at me. Then you see the chaos by the illegal act ordered by the DOA or someone in the DOA/governors bunker.*
    *I spent a peacefull nite in Dane County jail. I was asked though 4 times if I was suicidal? I told them NO I have plenty of GOP-NAZIs to protest & live for. To be clear the Dane County Sheriffs were great save for then they offered me a vitamin w/no explanation. Upon 12:30 or so the next day I was told I was being released as the Capitol police(palace guard that is) decided not to prosecute but will hold on the option to again break the law by charging me w/something in the future.*
    *Please recall this is not of me, myself or I. Its on us the people to be peaceful, to be determined, to not let illegal acts by a corrupt regime to block our rights. In 1 year maybe we can say w/some peace & sober minds & hearts we have done all this to ensure a better state & rid ourselves of a corrupt regime.*
    *Frankly the generation right behind me(I'm 40 & am a gen-xer) have done the footwork. Determination by younger folks give me hope we will have a better nation. The older generation in the 1960s started a awareness we all need. Black Americans in the 1950s had enough. Rosa Parks was tired, she worked a long work shift. Who would today tell anyone of any race they couldn't sit in a empty spot anywhere on the bus? Well thanks to Rosa Parks being tired, having had enough we all of us ensure this.*
    *Allow me to end that Thomas Jefferson wrote once "Dissent is the finest form of free speech" so lets be the finest Americans we can be. Lets never reduce ourselves to the tea baggers who shoot in unarmed crowds urged on by Angle "2nd ammendment solutions" or use graphics like Srah Palin resulting in the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona. Lets not allow KOCH NAZI inc or M&I monies to rule our psychs, our hearts. If you clearly can read, then thank a teacher, if you think then thank all past, present & future folks for this. I was not even close to the 1st on this protest. I have been inspired, I have become more aware. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU & lets be fine Americans!
    Scott Mann

  17. Just for those who have a hard time w/swearing I did so but whoever said they heard me saying this repeatedly to a officer this is not true. Yet its still my right as well anyones to use the section 4 of the WI constitution to say what they think.*
    *Unlike our sick demented pervert of a governor I never once since i have been up to the capitol threatened anyone. I have denounced the threats on GOP-NAZIS as wrong, evil & stupid. I have not heard any GOP-NAZI in this state condemn the threats our own governor made on the punked call. Don't like my words? Well I dislike much of what some say. I count to 10 & then say well this freedom , they have rights too.*
    *NO I will NOT give my rights up. If anyone does then we have conceded that Hitler, Mussolini, Joe McCarthy, David Duke, & others who promote evil have won. I've read this page as it was forwarded to me by a friend. I will be back. I will bring my blue book, I will bring the US costitution, I will be a loud maybe annoying man but I will not concede my rights. Unlike Walker the perverted demonic nazi I respect anyones right to dissent from me. This is what DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE & I hope we all make protests, loud, everyday. If we choose to urn, hide & hope this ends w/out much damage we are sadly mistaken. I just read today in the WSJ(Or urinal) that it was a GOP newspaper who challenged Joe McCarthy, led to a recall nearly succesful. This is my state too, born & raised here unlike the outsider Walker who came here from Colorado when he was 10. Fitzgerald maffia klan came from Illinios. However they too are freebut not free to stop anyone else as they are doing now. Just reer to the case in court yesterday on this matter by a judge who was originally appointed by ex-WI gov Tommy Thompson.*
    *However if it pleases all I will work on my potty mouth. As well I am working on some new songs, any suggestions for Sen Hopper forward to
    Scott Mann

  18. I hope you are not saying that people who where not born in Wisconsin have no say so or rights to be here because I was not, but let me tell you something. I moved here when I was 15 and I love this state and will fight for it all the way to the end. So do not judge all who are not born here to Walker we are not the same and have very different views. Thank You Very Much.

  19. Um Pam not saying anything of the sort that folks not from Wisconsin. My point was to merely mock the governor, the Fitzgeralds & other nazi-gopers who assert protesters were shipped from outside. Even the folks who came here as I met many awesome out of state supporters during the protests to date have equal rights.*
    *I don't mind anyone moving here Pam. We all should be free to live where we like. Madison attracts people for a diverse # of reasons. Wisconsin even after I traveled is my favorite place even in respect to other places I have been. Sorry if you missed my mockery of Walker & his cronies. I am glad you are happy here. Please take no offense as my assertions are directed at the current GOP not merely in this state but nation wide. Ohio is seeing a similar fascist movement. Indiana, New Jersey etc are ramsacked as we speak. I saw the protesters in Ohio after the fascist GOP tore away rights. It hurts to see others no matter what state they live in to lose rights that frankly should be enacted for all humans. Keep the fight up. If I see you it will be good. Be loud please.
    Scott Mann

  20. This sort of pathetic show of force has been sporadic for a month now. I Hope it is because the officers are reluctant to do it, but fear for their jobs and rights to collective bargaining. Still I think that the worse of it is that the author is correct in the fact that we have always been at war with East Asia.

  21. These officers were containing the situation. Those who's Miranda's rights weren't given on camera, I can guarantee you, were given off camera where the situation was more appropriate to do so. And "GOP-NAZI's" is adorable. It's a name given by those who have lost sense in the true American dream, and replaced it with an entitlement mentality.

  22. Most recent Anonymous: There was no "situation" prior to the arrival of an additional 6 LEO's who were obviously dispatched to get rid of the protester. His own words are in the comments above. Did you read them?

    I encourage you to look at the larger picture: The increasing, immense difference in wages for those at the very top versus the rest of us (likely including you). Of course, individual earnings vary, but as a whole, the top 2% is making huge gains while the remaining 98% get little or nothing. The economic policies of the GOP foster this. In 3 decades (since Reagan) the wage disparity has been pretty alarming (all sorts of data out there if you care to look). Imagine what another decade or 2 will do to the once-robust Middle Class. Nazi? No. Fascist? The argument is getting stronger every day. Oligarchy? Could happen if we are not careful (re: Protect our rights and place in society).

    Thanks for the comment.

  23. Actually I was never read my miranda rights on or off cameras. I was merely told in the tunnel to the Dane County jail that I should use my right to be silent. No other mention of such rights were read at any time.*
    *As well this situation was never violent. All a officer is to do when this happening, as this is called free speech guaranteed in the US Constitution as well the WI state constitution.*
    *I would challenge anyone where I was violent? Where I encouraged any violence by anyone? In fact again when I enter the capitol I in detail explain my purpose. I tell the officers I am here to protest then list my goals to protest & how I will approach this. The attempt to illegally give me a ticket was only after me & a officer went through section 1 & 4 of the WI State constitution. He could not rebut my using this to address grievances.*
    *Frankly I am sick & tired of hearing folks saying whey we should be more like N.Korea & China versus the idealism we saw our fathers who wanted a different nation. Its 1 thing if others wish not to be as vocal as myself. We all can deal w/life in our own way. Its entirely absurd to say it was some sort of criminal situation.*
    *As well Nataraji makes excellent economic points. We know the GOP-NAZI party has given up 99.999999% manner of even decent government. The court rulings in the last 2 weeks shows where in fact the laws have been broken. FOX News I am sure will lie & may in fact convince others of Walker's "good intentions". Frankly I am not done by a lonshot. Monday I gotta new song based on the "Clash" "Should I stay or go now" to a PARODY (ok this is allowed under free speech as well FYI)adopted to reflect a questionable Randy Hopper whom soon will be recalled.
    Scott Mann

  24. Ok if anyone is here we should know Sarah Palin is coming Saturday to the capitol to give a speech for the tea baggers. See folks when we let these maggots & leeches come w/out reaction they gain traction amongst Americans. Palin is a hero to morons who refuse to think for themselves. She is the main reason for the shooting in Tucson, Arizona that left too many dead along w/Sharon Angle she bears the blame for this blood letting whereas our protests have been peaceful despite FOX News showing funny but false clippage of palm trees in Wisconsin. SHOW UP Saturday to counter the hate & evil of the tea baggers in Palin's "speech".
    Scott Mann


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