Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Potpourri Redux (This time with kitty!)

I spent a bit of time in the yard today enjoying the bright-but-cool day. I did a little bit of yard work, wandered around with a cup of coffee thinking about the yard - what should I plant and where? I really really enjoy having naturalized crocus that sprout in the yard. It is such a boost this time of year! It was still early, and chilly, so these had not fully opened yet, but the light was great.


I had a helper throughout this yard meandering. Our newish cat, Nala, ventured out with me. She has heretofore been a 'fraidy cat so this outside stuff is pretty new to her. I kept a close eye on her so she stayed in the yard because I did not want to hook her up on the leash until she gets comfortable being outside.


She really is a beautiful cat, and I confess to being pretty smitten with her. She gave me a good profile opportunity:


She did not last long outside, perhaps half an hour with several anxious retreats into the garage (Good Kitty! When in doubt, run INSIDE.). Even inside, she remained fascinated with outside.


She rebuilds her courage bit by bit, day by day. It is all good. We have time.

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  1. Love Nala. We haven't even seen our crocuses yet - they seem late this year. So good to see yours!


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