Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of Thugs and Scum

The protest and various rallies at the Capitol here in Wisconsin drew huge crowds. One police estimate was laughably low, and even the highest estimate that I have seen seemed low by a third. Clearly whoever was estimating the crowd was NOT in the crowd trying to move about! Anyway, as has become the norm for these protests, the assembled people were as peaceful as could be. The greatest threat to my safety was risking a pulled smile muscle. So today's post will be focused on the "scum" and dangerous "thugs" who were protesting the real thug and his cronies.

Better search her...she looks dangerous!

Good God! He's trying to force us to negotiate, the brute!

Obviously this outside agitator is a union thug brought in from Midgetistan to stir up the crowd. Look at those devious eyes!

Ooooh, this guy looks Muslim vaguely different, so he cannot possibly be a real American, right Senator Grothman?

I do not even know where to begin with this obvious troublemaker.

You can see what tremendous jeopardy I was in all day! Good lord, any one of those hellcats could have been ready to start something at any given moment. Why I personally witnessed groups breaking out in spontaneous song, cheering loudly anytime a car drove past honking the rhythm of "This Is What Democracy Looks Like", and routinely and profusely apologizing for jostling someone while packed in like sardines. It was terrible I tell you. Terrible.

There are threescore or more photos of the day in a SLIDE SHOW that I recommend viewing. It includes the tractor shots I did not link to last night. The newest photos are first, though you can ride the slides all the way back to Day One (a solid month ago now) if you so desire.

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  1. Obvious trouble maker? ME? Scum, thug? How dare you? Well the next time I see you you are in for a good hugging, so there! Oh wait, that might ruin my image!


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