Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Is What We Do Now

Despite the return of wintry temps, and even snow flurries, perhaps 1,000 people - well spread out around he square - showed up today at the Capitol to protest the latest corruption of civil behavior from the current occupant of the Governor's Mansion.


While lacking the power of earlier protest days, this one had an interesting flavor. The people I spoke to, and the conversations I overheard as I worked my way through the crowd, all held a similar vein: This is what we do now.


This is what we do with our weekends, and some weeknights. We march at the Capitol to keep a presence so the Republican Senators, Represntatives, and Current Occupant know that we have not given up, we have not forgotten, and the recalls are alive and well. [Aside: there are already sufficient signatures collected to proceed with the recall of Randy Hopper, he of the new lobbyist mistress with the unusual state salary. Rockin!] We have shifted, and this protest is Necessary Work, unpleasant and interfering with more enjoyable tasks, but something we are just going to have to push up our sleeves (or put on our long underwear) and do.


We have a mean-spirited dunce in the Governor's seat, and we need to stem the damage he is going to cause to our fair state, then remove him from office. That is going to take time. OK. Can do.

Ready to stay with me?

There are more photos in a SLIDE SHOW, with today's up front, and going all the way back to Day Two.

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