Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Surprise With My Coffee

I was at the Capitol this morning protesting yet more boneheaded, possible illegal, certainly corrosive action from Governor Wanker. Eventually I had to go move my car, and, being chilled decided to go get a cuppa coffee at Company of Thieves. It was closed, seemingly for remodeling so I went to EVP on East Washington Ave. I stopped to chat with the three cops at the door - no, not there to keep me out, just getting a cuppa like me. Much to my surprise, the place was PACKED. Turns out Supreme Court candidate JoAnn Kloppenburg was speaking and taking questions.

JoAnn Kloppenburg at EVP Coffee

Once my lens unfogged I took a few shots and (eventually) worked my way through the crowd to get my coffee. The audience was receptive, and I suspect she's got a strong chance at being the next Supreme Court justice. Good. She will work as a partial foil for the tactics of the current occupant of the Capitol.

Viva la revolution! Photos from the rallies at the Capitol will go up later.

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