Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Went Right?

I do not do a lot with black and white images, despite being pretty seriously color blind. Every once in a while though I get to messing with an image and find myself dissatisfied with any color settings I try. So I try the image in B&W to see if I like the tones.

Megan B&W
Megan in B&W

I find this image compelling, and am not sure why exactly. It probably will not be one of her favorites. Maybe it is compelling because, despite looking straight into the camera, she appears unaware of it. It is relaxed and unaffected. She is not posing for the camera. She is doing yoga, and I just happened to be there to capture it. I suspect that this gets back to the topic I was pondering a month ago, whether the role of the photographer is yin or yang, an active capturing of a moment or a more receptive capturing of the subject's energy. I think I got out of the way of this photo and it happened.

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