Sunday, December 14, 2008

Megan in the Studio

I had another opportunity in the studio this weekend. Bestest buddy Megan wanted some head shots for her graduate program as she nears completion, and she wanted some yogini shots for advertising her yoga classes. The head shots are getting easier to do, but I find myself challenged by extended full body shots because it uses all of my backdrop. The lighting has to be more controlled if I want the background to remain unlit/invisible.

In this shot, taken for my pleasure not necessarily her use, I got to use two new toys at once. I just purchased a ProMaster Slave Module for my strobe. This module attaches to my flash and allows me to trigger it off-camera. That way I can light from the side, top, below, wherever and avoid that on-camera flash mug shot look. It is not exactly what I wanted because it still requires that the on-camera flash fire to trigger the remote. To avoid the effects of the on-camera flash, I went all high tech and held my hand in front of the flash so that the IR light reached the module to trigger it, but did not illuminate Megan. I also used my home made cardboard snoot to keep the light right where I wanted it.


As you can see, it worked pretty well.

Megan ran through a series of yoga poses and helped me out by giving me feedback about what she was about to do, then as she was hitting her maximum in a pose, she let me know that, and gave me a bit of warning of how long she could remain there.

Megan in Standing Bow Pose
Megan in Standing Bow Pose

Megan Back Bend
Back Bend

Megan Cobra

What a great way to spend a few hours on a day off! Not only did I get to have fun with Megan, I got to take some good photos, learn some more, and deliver useful pictures to her for her use.


  1. Wow!
    I'm very impressed with the studio work - you've really taken off with your creativity.
    That back bend shot is stunning.

  2. Thanks, Mick. It has been an interesting and challenging process to do studio work. I am treating the experience like a self-directed class that requires time and effort. Upon completion my grade should be self-evident. If, at the end of my two month "class", I think I have something to offer, I will try to take it to another level. If not, it will still rank as one of the most fun challenges I have set for myself.

  3. These are very nice! You should get Megan to wear all one color (that isn't black) and do some more. A buff unitard with no colored trim would really extend the lines nicely! Beautiful.... Laurie


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