Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disa and Spyder in the Studio

The first of my solicited studio shoots was today. Disa and her mom, Spyder, wanted some mother-daughter photos, as well as some shots of just Spyder for promotional material. Disa is a circus performer in England, home for an extended holiday. She and Spyder are from Madison, but neither lives here now so this was a fantastic opportunity for me. Both are high-energy, super creative types, and a joy to know.

Prepping Disa
Prepping Disa

The real portraits are after the jump, so follow the link.

They really love one another, and are thrilled with each other's sense of whimsy.

Spyder and Disa
A Mother and Child Reunion

It was more challenging to shoot them than I expected. With all that poorly restrained energy, they were a pair of wigglepusses, and,well, I need more light so I can have faster shutter speeds.

Disa and Spyder

And one of just Spyder...


I have another shoot tomorrow morning, so I am getting plenty of practice. Just what I wanted. In exchange, I hope my subjects enjoy the images they receive.

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