Wednesday, December 10, 2008

eyeDance Bailout

In keeping with the bottom-feeders of our capitalist society, I have petitioned Congress for a Federal bailout. Unlike the shysters who are C-level executives at our major financial institutions, automakers, and (coming up next!) credit card comapnies, I have lived within my means, spent money that actually existed, and did not attempt to get rich by fostering (excuse me, leveraging) the debt of the middle- and lower-class segments of America. So while those charletans line up for their money, I thought I should have a slice of the pie too. After all, I am Nataraj Sixpack, Joe's brother.

That being the case, here is the first thing I will buy with the $2.6 billion I have requested:

Image Source

See how reasonable I am?


  1. Nice $2400 camera! Gee, wherever did you get the idea about another camera?....gosh was it yesterday when I was drooling/daydreaming over cameras that I lured you into that trap too? hhmmm??.....grins! heather

  2. A bailout for fiscal responsibility?? You obviously don't understand now neo-socialism works!

  3. I know, right? This year I will get no raise, no bonus, no nothing. But rest assured, the Veep's and up will find some way to make sure that THEY get a sweet pile of loot.


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