Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Turkey Saturday

Because it was the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday, Reena was at work. I had brunch with my family as is our family tradition. Years ago we decided to end the conflict between who goes to which family's gathering each year, so we siblings and as many of our children (and now even their children) meet on Saturday. We meet at the Jet Room, the dining room at the General Aviation building of the airport. They do a pretty darn good breakfast, and reasonably priced. And the view is always interesting

Jet Room View
Jet Room View

After brunch, I knocked around all day. I made it to REI looking for bargains, and found a shirt I always desired, on sale from $52 to $20. In my wanderings, I simply assumed that I would find subjects to make me pull out the camera. I thought I would snap some good shots, then find a coffee shop with WiFi and blog it. Nope. As I was walking up State Street late in the afternoon to pick up Reena, I did take a few photos. This one is of the capitol building from about five blocks away.

State Street at 5:30 PM
State Street at 5:30 PM

It seemed a bit weird to be out, in the dark, when it was only 5:30. That means that winter is just around the corner. Since I still had a few minutes to kill before my sweetie was done, I figured the Overture Center would provide something interesting to look at. I was not disappointed. They had about 50 loooong strands of lights hanging down the circular shaft that is in the main entrance. I went down to the "Kids in the Crossroads" stage on the lowest floor and looked straight up it:

It's Full of Stars!
It's Full Of Stars!

I found myself remembering the bit in the movie "2001: A Space Oddessy" Where Dave has already fallen into the obelisk and is going somewhere else. Almost the only dialog in that entire twenty minutes of the movie is his line, "It's full of stars!" A family saw me taking photo up the display and came down to try it for themselves. The woman experienced profound disorientation when trying to look up to take this same picture. She tried laying down, but that too was disorienting. She ended up just setting the timer on the camera and setting it on the step facing up.

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