Monday, January 16, 2012

Revisiting the Sparkly Dance World

Just a few pics of dancing fun. Local belly dance instructor Arielle hosted a 'hafla' at her studio on Saturday night. A hafla is best described as a party, though this event had more of the feel of a recital and performance. Students of Arielle performed for their first time, and the guest instructor of the afternoon workshop also performed, as did Arielle and another local instructor, Mona N'wal, and a visiting instructor, Lacey Hale.


Both my wife and I studied belly dance (or more appropriately, Middle Eastern dance), she for a decade, and me for a bit more than a year. We are pretty well connected with the local dance community still and so it was a fun opportunity to see and visit with pals from back in the day. The light was atrocious for photography, so I did not get a lot of good shots with the equipment I had. The few I liked are HERE.

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