Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You might RECALL that we are trying to oust our Governor here in Wisconsin. If you RECALL, there have been massive, and steady protests which began just a month after he took office last year. I RECALL spending a lot of time documenting those protests and rallies. Today, the 60-day drive to collect 540,000 or so signatures ended with the delivery of ONE MILLION signatures. Game on!

DS3_2760 DS3_2764 DS3_2772

DS3_2781 DS3_2784 DS3_2788
The crowd starts filling in the room at the Monona Terrace Convention Center Expo hall

DS3_2790 DS3_2815 DS3_2794
This is Wisconsin, so we have (free) beer while we collect more window signs and add our names to another banner.

DS3_2795 DS3_2801 DS3_2805 DS3_2813
The eviction notice is signed by the usual "union thugs", "parasites", "greedy public workers", you know, our neighbors.

DS3_2825 DS3_2802 DS3_2819
I notice that THIS TIME the media paid attention. They could not be bothered last winter/spring.

DS3_2828 DS3_2830 DS3_2837
In the crowd it was pretty thick; filled to the brim with happy protesters.

DS3_2853 DS3_2854 DS3_2857
Viewed from above you get a sense of the crowd. It was shaping up to be a fine party!

Sayonara, Walker. Did you hear us all the way out in New York at your fund raiser?

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