Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Dilemma

This morning I had a delightful dilemma. It is quite cold here today, and the outside temperature was -8 degrees (F) when I got up. Inside we set the temp to 57 (F) at night, but our down comforter is so warm that we are frequently too warm at that temperature. So the first of us to arise generally does not turn the heat up a lot so as to not cook the still-sleeping partner awake. I was awake first so I bumped the heat up a few degrees, made a cup of coffee, and sat under a blanket on the couch while I read the news. Regular readers may recall that I have a cat - Nala - who has been a long, slow project to get her socialized. We do not know what made her into such a 'fraidy cat (she came from a shelter) but over the past year we have made great improvement. Lately our morning habit has been that she joins me on the couch; she sits on top of the blanket at my feet, and she stays as long as I do not mess with her too much.

Today she sat on my lap!


I cannot begin to describe what a delightful milestone that is. Even better, I had the camera within arm's reach. I popped off a couple of pics and reveled in the moment. Then the dilemma. I finished my coffee and wanted more. What to do, what to do?! I let it ride, opting to let her be in my lap for as long as she wanted to be there.


After about fifteen minutes she returned to her usual spot by my feet, meaning I could detangle myself from under the blanket and make a second cup of coffee. She even stayed through the whole process: Me getting up, the noise/activity of making espresso, and returning to the couch, rejoining her. Truly, it was almost like having a normal cat. A nibble of chocolate made everything perfect.

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  1. We refer to that problem as "cat-in-the-lap handicap". ;-)


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