Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boudoir Portfolio Video

I have been pondering changes to my eyeDance business page, and because I am an Apple iPad user I did not want to add any Flash-based presentation. I have experimented before with embedding slide shows from Flickr, both on the business page and this blog, and frankly Google makes it pretty ugly. The video is currently hosted on YouTube, though I am sure I could locate it elsewhere (like on my own site) and have the same effect. Here is the new video (there is no sound). It is perhaps Not Safe For Work.

The video was created using Apple's iMovie, iPhoto, and Photoshop Elements 10. Total time invested was probably two hours, though some of that was spent going in the wrong direction and having to simply start over. I have many images to draw upon, but I chose these because I thought they represented not only my style, but also emphasize that I work with men and couples as well as women. You will not find that with every photographer.

Feedback is appreciated, whether praise or constructive criticism. Thanks!


  1. I love it, Nataraj. It's a thing of beauty, and also portrays nicely what you offer, and what is unique about what you offer.


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