Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Music Festival 1

Here we get to the heart of why I love living in Madison, Wisconsin. This weekend is the time for not one, not tow, but THREE super-cool things to do. First is the World Music Festival, a free event hosted through the UW consisting of 3+ days of world beat music and assorted extravaganza. The second is the 2nd annual Forward Music Fest, a rock-n-roll series hosted by a variety of venues in town. Third is the Willy Street Fair, a rollicking good time in the heart of the eclectic East Side.

Last night I met friends on the University's student union, known locally as the Terrace. There was free music all evening, and an appearance by Chicago's Dragon Knights, a troupe of stilt performers. Here are a few pics of them:

World Music Festival-Dragon Knights

World Music Festival-Dragon Knights

World Music Festival-Dragon Knights

What a crowd-pleaser they were!

There is a set of photos of them, and the first musical act at my Flickr site, HERE. It's a slide show, so the images are much larger. Enjoy! There is more to come.

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