Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I fought Photoshop, and I won!

It was a nasty, dirty fight. It started sort of passive-aggressively. I read this short little How-To on a technique in Photoshop and thought it would be a valuable thing to learn. A quick, easy addition to my toolkit. Little did I know that Photoshop does not give up its secrets easily, and the faint of heart get chewed up and cast forth into The Land of Amateur Editors. All I wanted to do was quickly and easily add my name and copyright to any photos I was editing. This How To showed - sort of - how to do it with a single click. Yeah baby!

[insert negatory buzzer here]

I already had my digital signature available, so I brought that image into Photoshop, selected it, and created a Brush Tool in a few simple steps. No worries. Then I followed the How To instructions on how to use it.

And then I spent over an hour swearing, shouting, stomping out of the room, and generally frightening the cat.

Eventually I pinged two friends seeking help. Neither had an answer for me, but one did point me at a website that contained the crucial clue. Since there are 9,586,393,538 ways to do anything in Photoshop but 9,586,393,357 are esoteric and convoluted, the trick is to find the one way that makes sense to you.

Eventually I discovered the Secret. Send $19.95 to my PayPal account and I'll reveal all.

So I made certain that I could replicate my results, then had a Much Needed beer. Here are a few examples of images that were otherwise tweaked and manipulated in Photoshop, and then had my signature added with a couple of clicks. Simply Only If Known. These are nice viewed large.

Black-Eyed Susan 1
View LARGE On Black

Morning Glory 1
View LARGE On Black

Winter Tree 1
View LARGE On Black

(Hint: The Secret is in which Brush tool you select!)


  1. I've heard from a number of folks that *once you figure it out* Photoshop is a powerful tool. I never really had the energy to get through that hard part.

    You are truly a stronger man than I! :)

  2. OH!!! "my" TreeHeart looks FABULOUS!!!! (note to self: get this one printed and framed, among many others!) I love the B/W color combos! NICE! I miss the "treeheart" photos thru the seasons!!!!


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