Saturday, September 26, 2009

A (Mostly) B&W Walk In The Woods

Reena and I took a little hike at Sandburg Conservancy today. It seemed like a much better idea than house cleaning. As has become our custom, we both savored the walk with a camera in hand.

A (mostly) B&W Walk in the Woods
Suspended by a Web

It is surely a way to change your perspective on what - exactly - your eye notices. As I was savoring the surroundings, I was struck less by color and more by light and texture. By the third photo I had resolved that the set would be Black and White.

A (mostly) B&W Walk in the Woods
Leaf Shape in Tree Base

That was a refreshing change for me. I often find after the fact that an image works well in B&W. Having the intent of doing the images that way was fun, and changed the conditions of my casual walk in the woods.

A (mostly) B&W Walk in the Woods

These are just a few sample images. View the whole set as a slide show, in deliciously larger size, HERE. It is worth it to see them in large size.

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  1. Wow...ya done good hon! great slideshow; stunning pics, loved the one of Reen too!...thanks! xoxoxo I think the suspended leaf (above) is one of my faves! it was fun to see the two color shots peek into the B/W slideshow too!


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