Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back from Bierland

It has been an entire week since I posted here. What the heck was I thinking? Maybe the better question is, what the heck was I drinking? The answer is beer, or more correctly, bier. As in German bier. A lot of German bier. For four days.

There are parties, and there are Parties. This was one of the latter variety. The sort of party where there undoubtedly is a lot of bier consumed, but it is consumed by people who are hand-picked to be there. This is no frat house kegger, goodness no. This is the sort of party where you cannot come if you are not invited, and you cannot invite someone unless you have been there 4 times, and even then inviting someone is strongly discouraged. Thus, the people who are there are people who Pass The Test. They drink bier and it makes them want to dance, or make music, or prepare tasty meals for 100 of their friends, or wash dishes after such a meal, or perhaps to simply hang out and talk for hours at a time.

Tapping the Orange

The bier is on tap at all times, and we simply help ourselves to our preferred variety. Wanting a wheat? Obsessing over orange Ocktoberfest? Pining for a Premium from Spaten? Salivating for a Salvatore? Well, we were in luck because they were all available.

Great party, you are thinking! Right. Which is why I am not going to tell you where it is, or who attends. Safety First. However, I will show you some scenery pictures because the spot is so darned pretty, especially in the fall when the days are warm and the nights are briskly cool.


Scallops on the Grill

Portobellos on the Grill
Scallops and Portobellos on the Grill

Morning on the lake 2

Morning on the lake 3
Misty Mornings on the lake

Hoppy Schwartzie
Our little Schwarzvald decorated with fresh hops

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