Thursday, May 5, 2011

With Grass You See Only Grass

Things sure do move fast this time of year! A couple of days ago I had fern fiddle heads just starting to unfurl. Today they are nearly a foot tall and starting to appear thick and hearty.


It is just a tease though, because in another month they will look like a jungle. Our yard has lots of planted areas, in part because I do not really enjoy mowing grass, and in part because it is simply more interesting to meander through my yard each morning with a cup of coffee in hand to see what is new than it is to stare at a blank green expanse of manicured lawn. When you lie down in grass, you see grass. In my yard, only the gods know for certain what you will see on a given day.


Today I noticed the maw of a black trillium!


It has been a tightly closed bud for nearly a week and while the plant itself grows larger (it is in the foreground of the middle photo, above), much larger than a white trillium, the blooms take much longer to open. It really adds a feeling of antici ...

pation! I like that my yard is filled with these little dramas waiting only to be noticed. About a month ago a friend had a major stroke. I hope my morning coffee stroll and investigation is part of a larger regimen to avoid such a thing (knock on wood). While there are certainly no guarantees in life, I believe this helps me shed stress and perhaps hedge my bet against calamity. With grass, I would see only grass and the need to mow it or weed it. With abundant flowers and veggies, I can revel in the grand show and eat some of the participants.

Life is good.

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