Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black Trillium

It has been a couple of days since I put up a couple of garden photos, and everything has changed significantly. This time of year is so exciting to my eyes. First, my black trillium has finally bloomed.


Pretty spectacular, yes? It also propagated, a further delight. The white trillium propagated as well. For several years I had three, now there are seven plants. Hopefully that trend will continue. I have been leaving that particular bed as close to "woodsy" as I can: No picking up fallen sticks, lots of things left to decay and make the high clay content soil more loamy.

And for a retina-searing blast of red, I give you The Tulip:


This one is not in my yard, but my mother-in-laws. We were visiting on Sunday and her tulips were at a perfect stage to be photographed.

There are more such photos in a spring SLIDE SHOW. The most recent photos are first.

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