Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring's a-Poppin'

I had a great weekend. I drove to the Twin Cities on Thursday to do a photo shoot for a family for whom I took some maternity photos for their first pregnancy. On Friday I drove south to a park along the Mississippi and met up with three score friends for an annual spring party. It is a camping event focusing on German bier. Mmmm! Good bier, good music, good food, and good friends.


It was the first time I had been gone from the new kitty for more than an overnight. I was gratified to note when I arrived home that she had clearly missed me. I think we are arriving at a pretty good place together. She wanted out into the yard for a bit so together we went out exploring.


The light was pretty and the temp was cool but not cold, but still not MAY temperatures, and at least it was not snowing as it was when I climbed out of my tent that morning. The plants in the yard had all jumped noticeably in my absence.


Today I will start editing some recent photos, follow up on some potential new business, pay the rent on the studio. In short, back to a normal day with no protest rally, no aerial dance show (but the planning for the next one is already underway!), and no 3-day party. I think the cat will approve.

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