Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am often asked why I chose to release a given photo in B&W versus color. While it is true that I have no ready analytical answer, there is seldom any hesitation on my part when I do so. Some photographs just seem to tell their story better in B&W. I suspect it has to do with giving the brain a bit of a hiccup: Hey, no color! In our super-saturated world, the absence of color becomes provocative.

Here is a photo of a rusty derelict truck. It is a pretty cool photo in color, and it works well.


Here is the same photo rendered in B&W.


All the story telling points are still instantly recognizable; the truck is junk, it is rusty and dilapidated. However, I think the antiquity of the truck and the sense of age is better conveyed in the colorless image. [Note: I did add a bit of edge blur in the B&W image that is not present in the color version.]

You are free to disagree with me, of course, and if you do I would love to hear your reasons.

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  1. The black and white is excellent, and Im the type of photographer that more often than not converts my images to B&W, but in this case I actually prefer your colors version. The rust color is just beautiful, and the vibrant green makes it so much more obvious that this car has seen its glory days long ago.



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