Thursday, May 26, 2011

Concept Study

I accepted an invitation to submit artwork to a successful author who is finishing a novel that might be first in a series. He invited hungry artists to create a vision of his main character and he will select one of the images to forward to the publisher along with the manuscript. There is no promise of fame or fortune, just an opportunity for a creative project and some possible exposure. For me this would be much more than simple photography, but rather photo-illustration, something I do not do a lot of. Since it sounded like fun, I bit. I have two models lined up for the base photo shoot, and am creating props and experimenting with Photoshop to get the effects I want.

Here is a first, quick concept image. A photo sketch if you will.

Knife Hand Test
Knife Hand Sketch

It's not great, but it is directionally correct, and I am confident that I am aiming in the right direction and that I have the skills to pull something off to submit. In the meantime all my creative juices are flowing so regardless of the outcome, I already am having fun. And that is the most important part.

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