Thursday, May 12, 2011

Andy Goldsworthy Might Like This


I had cut down the stalks from my cinnamon ferns last week and had set them aside. I had wondered to myself if they could be used in a costume sort of way at a large Pagan gathering I will be attending. Taking a cue from my sweetie, I even wondered what they would look like spray painted silver or gold, or dusted with glitter. What I did not notice was just how thickly they were coated with - what is it - pollen? The stack of about twenty cut stalks shed a lot of whatever it is (I will henceforth call it dust) on the gardening table out back. When I moved them yesterday there was a generous pile of dust which was patterned interestingly. Here is a detail shot:


They remained outside and the heavy rains yesterday probably rinsed a lot of the dust off the stalks and obliterated this temporary mandala. I hope so, anyway, as that will make any subsequent embellishment simpler. After that, who knows what I will end up doing with them? At the moment, it is all about enjoying the process of creation and letting it unfold in the fullness of time. As Valentine Michael Smith, the main character in Heinlein's "Stranger In A Strange Land" says, "Waiting is."

[UPDATE: HERE is a link to my earlier Andy Goldsworthy referencing photos. Enjoy!]

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