Friday, May 13, 2011

Like Gumballs in the Sky

Well, after a 26-hour service interruption, Blogger is back online. I had intended to post this yesterday, but it seems today was meant to be.

On Wednesday, just before the storms broke and drenched us with heavy rain and hail, Reena and I were out near East Town mall and noticed that a carnival was setting up. Nothing was open for business at the moment, and there were not even more than a handful of people around.


The only person who walked past me pretty much ignored me - probably because I was not doing anything destructive, merely standing at the base of this Ferris wheel staring just about straight up. I probably looked like a rube.


What made me stop was the great contrast of the bright colors of the wheel baskets against the dark gray sky as the storm approached. The really dark sky half an hour later would have been better, but I did not have time to linger. I will try to get back out there while the carnival is up and running, and preferably at night.

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  1. Those are absolutely gumballs! Very neat contrast - thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's been great fun watching your eye develop and bloom!


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