Monday, March 9, 2009

Winter Attacks, My Stomach Wins

Winter Attacks Spring
Winter Attacks Spring

Yesterday we had one of those late winter slushfalls that annoys everyone. First it was a chilly 34 degrees (F) - which is different than a balmy 34 degrees - and raining. Then the temp drops another degree or two and the rain turns to heavy, wet snow that accumulates in a hurry. You can actually hear it hit the ground!


The threat behind this inconvenient weather is that if the temp drops quickly to the upper 20's, the roads ice up and cars pile up. The story here is that a friend had spent the past 48 hours marinating and prepping a delicious supper of pork tenderloin, roasted root vegetables, and peach pie. He was planning to feed 10 or so friends at a weekly role-playing game session. The location of said game is 20 miles out of town, and with the roads being probably treacherous, the game was canceled. So there is all this yummy food with no one to eat it.

Pork Loin
Pork Tenderloin - Half of the Roast

Well, being the sorts of people who are always willing to help out a friend in need, Reena and I quickly agreed to go over and help this friend eat the yummy food over which he had labored so long. What are friends for, after all? We had a really nice dinner, a great visit, and loafed away the evening watching Iron Man on his new, big flat screen TV pumped through a decent amp and speakers. Take that, winter!


  1. OOH! Who was cooking? Anyone from the gang circa my era? That tenderloin is gorgeous!

    And it still cracks me up that your comment description says "If you don't have a blooger..." rather than "...blogger..." :-) I'm easily amused!

  2. Hi Beth. Yes, it was Tom, and he is a pretty darned good cook. The roast was so good, I just went and bought a 7.75 pounder for us (at $1.99 per puond!). Tomorrow is roasting day!


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