Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Muslin, New Frame

A few days ago I broke down and bought a muslin to use as a backdrop in the studio instead of just plain white or black. It's 10' x 24', so plent long enough to go all the way under a model if I want full-body shots. OK, so that is all well and good, but I had to buy or build something to hold it up. More to the point, I wanted something that could be portable, something I could haul - easily - to locations for shoots. Today I hit Menard's home supply store and bought 20' of 1-inch inside diameter PVC pipe, a bunch of "T" connectors, some spring clamps, and 12' of stainless steel closet pole. I proceeded to mark and measure, then cut and assemble. When I was done, I had a simple framework that leans against a wall - the height is variable depending on the sections used - and has a sturdy center pole that I can fasten the muslin to. I assembled it all, and of course had to take a few test shots.

Assuming All Is Well

Hmmm, not quite right. Did that side flash fire?

Confirming All Is Not Well

Hmmm, obviously not. Mess around for a minute or two then try again.

All Is Well

Ah, there we go. Everything worked like it was supposed to, if not technically perfectly. The camera-left flash is too hot and needs some sort of softener/diffuser. Easily accomplished, and what these sort of experiments are supposed to help me learn. And I am well aware that I have not ironed the muslin and it looks like it came right out of the package. It did!

Since I have taken some nudes, and intend to do more of that, I figured I had better work on my lighting for flesh. Of course, I was home alone. That being said, DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE NAKED NATARAJ. If you do, well then follow the link below!


Well, I evened out my light a little bit, in part by moving it to fire more vertically, and in part by compensating for the overblown highlights on the computer. The light overall is aimed a little low leaving my head too dark. Perhaps I could put a mirror opposite me so I see this stuff without having to run around to the back of the camera? Regardless, it was a good test, and the new DIY equipment worked like it was supposed to. Now for a remote location shoot!

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