Monday, March 9, 2009

On Safari

Reena and I enjoyed our Monday off together by taking a little safari. We saw all sorts of marvelous creatures.

Why hello!
Why hello!

First we ran into a pair of river otters. They were having a great time playing in their pond and frolicking around the rocks and downed branches near their waterfall.

He spotted me!

Once they spotted us everything got exciting. They immediately bolted for the water.

and SPLASH!(*)

There is more, so follow the link to the rest of our safari photos!

Next we saw penguins! We were - f a r - from home...


Our next stop was a bit east where we saw a fine couple hanging out basking on a rock.

If it runs, it's mine dear.

Last but not least we encountered a few more critters who split their time between land and sea.


This guy was playing ever so gently with a tiny stick!

I love my stick!
He loves his stick!

Playing with a stick
Playing with a stick

Sea Lion Cruising for Fish

So our little safari to the Henry Vilas Zoo was a great success. There were a lot of people there - OK, dozens - enjoying the relative warmth of mid-40's (F) and a break in the rain. We were a little late getting there as I had to do some hunter-gatherer action at Woodman's before we could go. We did not get to go into most of the indoor exhibits which was fine because the whole point was to be outside for an hour or two.

(*) Did you catch my fake?

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