Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Someone Else's Crocus

Usually I have the fastest-popping crocus in the neighborhood. Not this year. Someone else's crocus beat mine to the punch.

Someone Else's Crocus
Someone Else's Crocus

Here are mine. They're coming along, but they are a solid week away from blooming. I can hardly fault them. My neighbor has a 10-foot wide driveway, and he has nowhere to put the snow except on the 4-foot bit of my yard that is next to the driveway. Sure enough,right on top of the crocus.

My Crocus
My Crocus

A few feet away, I have daffodils coming along nicely too. I figure they will be in bloom in about a month.

My Daffodils

And while I was out, I could not resist grabbing a shot of Syd's hippo.


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  1. Oh! I like the hippo! Sweet!


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