Saturday, March 14, 2009

eyeDance Studio, circa now

My in-home space is starting to feel like a genuine studio. I tried a lot of DIY things with mixed success. My black background is just fabric from Joann Fabrics (though it has cooliola metalic dots on the reverse, used here to good effect) as are most of my other backdrops. As I improved what I was doing, I had several paying gigs, and have used those funds to - of course - buy better equipment.

Studio Shapes Up
eyeDance Studio

First on the list was a powerful new flash with a good built-in modeling lamp too. Today I broke down and bought a 10'x24' background in a medium gray. I hope I can also affect its overall tone using a spot light and some theatrical gels given to me by a dear friend. My first experiments were a bust, but that's OK. I do not mind failing. I tend to think of it like Edison did. It simply means I have not bungled on to the right way to do it yet.

I am lining up more shoots over the next couple of weeks, so I hope to continue my education process with a few successes.

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  1. Thanks for the "link"! grins! I will be happy to sit for you in your studio when I visit for your experiments in lighting and such. :)


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