Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I went out yesterday afternoon to take some pictures of blooming crocus after they had survived the snowstorm. It was a nice sunny afternoon, and a bit too early - light wise - to get good photos, but what the heck, there I was.

Crocus Bloom

Since it was so nice out, I had the cat out with me on his leash. You know how cats are. When you want them to pay attention to you, they cannot be bothered to notice you exist. But if you fix your attention on something other than them and just try to do whatever it was you hoped to accomplish, there is no getting rid of them.

Gotta be where you are

Darned fuzzballs. It is a good thing they are cute.


  1. fabulous portrait of the Captain! frame-able! oh and the fleur is nice too!

  2. Pretty kitty! Thank goodness everyone's finally getting plant life. ^^


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