Sunday, March 22, 2009

I fought the lawn...

...and the lawn won.

I fought the yard

I never saw it coming. I was gathering brush, mostly old flower stalks, from one of the gardens. I pulled what looked like another flimsy stalk, and instead it *snapped* and I knew it had shoved a splinter in even before I looked. Even so, I was surprised to se the size of this sucker and I could tell it was in deep. Rats!

Into the bathroom where I grabbed the tweezers and muttered to myself - This had better come out on the first try. I gave a sharp tug, and the tweezers slipped off the splinter. Nice: All the pain and no result. A more suitable tool was needed, a boy tool. Needle nosed vice grips ought to do the trick. Sat back down, locked them on, took a deep breath and yanked. Yes, I was right on almost all my suppositions. It hurt coming out. It was deep. The part that was under the skin measures 11/16". Basically it occupied one-half the length of the top joint of my thumb. Only part I was wrong about was that it hardly bled.

Next on my agenda is a trapeze class. That ought to feel just great.

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  1. and then you took the time to photograph make me smile!


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