Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Training

MZ Adventure Touring Bike
Looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way.

My MZ Baghira supermotard has slowly and deliberately been converted to a multifunctional adventure touring bike. I have added the three hard cases, PIAA high intensity driving lights, and a strap-on cushier sheepskin-covered gel seat pad. All are quickly removable to return the bike to the (sort of) lean 'motard it is at heart.

Today I took a fine 55 mile ride (max temp: 42) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Most of the trip was with Eric who was riding his trusty BMW F650. I love it when two big thumpers get to go play together. We took a meandering in-town route most of the way out to Sharer Cycle Center, the shop where I bought my MZ. That marque is no longer available in the States, so there were none of them to be seen. They are primarily a Triumph dealer, so it was great to see a few tempting bikes like the Speedmaster and the Scrambler. Once the roads become friendlier, I think I'll take them up on their offer of a test ride on the Scrambler. The route home was more highway miles, and while I was warm enough, I'm not sure my hands would have enjoyed more than another 15 or 20 miles of sustained 60 mph speed The roads, as always this time of year, were crap, covered in a thorough dusting of winter sand and salt. Prudent was the word for the day.

Engine ignition
There is something seductive
in that first moment.

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  1. Avanti tells Farouche that it was good to see him shiny-side-up this morning, after going through that intersection on E. Wash.



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