Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alloy Show Promo Shots

Friday night was the 'photo shoot' night for the performers in the upcoming Cycropia aerial dance show, "Alloy". An interesting show, the dancers were largely unfamiliar with the aerial apparatus upon which the show is based. Thus, the earliest weeks were a class, with some instruction and coaching on the equipment. The past few weeks have been specific rehearsal time, with dancers working solo or in duets and trios to create and polish a choreography for the show. Local photographer Mick McKiernan did the real photo shoot, and I dogged his setups so that I could shoot around him. (Sorry if I got in your way at all, Mick!)

While I got a batch of decent photos, I can't wait to see the real shots from Mick. Here are two of mine:

Billy Tucked
Billy, from his solo piece

Delightful Hannah
Hannah, from her solo piece

Please visit my Flickr site to see the rest of the series! LINK. Choose the "View as slideshow" option for the best experience.

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