Monday, March 17, 2008

Sampson and Delilah?

It turns out my last haircut was in early December.  Of 2006.  It seemed time to try it again.  Things went well right from the start.  Teri at Mr DuWayne's gave me a great shampoo.  The whole treatment, you know; warm water, lean back and get nice vigorous scrubbing action with the hands, and even a bit of releasing on my stiff neck.  Nice!

All smiles at first...

After combing it out a bit, she put my hair up in this darling little topknot:
First the cute topknot...

There is always that moment of concern when they go for your glasses.  Can't help the response, 'cause suddenly you can no longer see just exactly what they're up to.  It's good that I trust them at Mr DuWayne's.
Whoa, a blinding technique! 

I could see this well enough though.  Dang!  That hair was getting kinda long, wasn't it?
Going to any length

I like to think it's really as rich and thick up there as it is on the sides.  I like to think that.  Hard to tell from this angle.  Only my hairdresser, and the 2/3 of the population that's taller than me knows for sure.
What's up?

All in all, I had Teri take roughly 7-8" off the length.  Probably five inches of that was mismatched lengths.  Nothing worth doing anything with.  Now that it's been tidied up, perhaps next time I can do a Locks of Love donation or something.  Who knows?  It's possible my next haircut won't be until July or August of 2009!  I'm not used to the new length yet, but it's a fine haircut.  Well done, Teri!

UPDATE - March 18th:  Boy, forget to include an 'after' photo showing the new do, and all hell breaks loose!  You'd think I'd just forgotten to post a nude photo of Johnny Depp or something.  So, to all who felt ripped off or otherwise cheated, here's the after shot:
Apres cut


  1. What?! No final "after" shot to go with the "during" shots? What a rip-off! :-)

  2. Ahh... much better. Now we get to see the end result, instead of waiting in suspense.

    Very nice! Take off a few inches of hair and look at all those lovely curls breaking loose! My hair does the same thing.

    Now, about those Johnny Depp photos... :-)


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